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Clarion County Animal Response Team
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The Pennsylvania State Animal Response Team is modeled after a similar effort undertaken
in North Carolina. The NC-SART was founded after Hurricane Floyd, during which more than
3 million domestic and farm animals were lost. Many could have been saved by a coordinated
emergency response plan.

Our structure is organized on the grassroots level with County Animal Response Teams
(CART). CARTs include local professionals, community leaders and concerned citizens.

The Clarion CART is currently looking for funding and volunteers so that we may be able to
provide shelter for animals in disasters as well as large and small emergency situations. We
are also preparing strike teams that will be able to respond rapidly to Large Animal, Small
Animal, Farm Animal, and Exotic Animal emergencies, within our county and we may be called
upon to respond to neighboring counties.
The Clarion County Animal Response Team is looking for new
volunteer members. We are looking for people who are wiling to
respond to emergencies that involve animals (floods, barn fires, cattle
truck accidents, etc).

We will provide you with hands-on training and the chance to help right
here in your community.  Whether you prefer to work with small animals,
dogs or cats, livestock, reptiles or whatever, we have a place for you.

Don't wait until it's too late and an emergency has already happened.
Contact us today and we'll help you get prepared to help your
community when disaster strikes.