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Clarion MMA is a Martial Arts Academy located in Clarion,
Pennsylvania.  The goal of Clarion MMA is to unite those of
us in the Clarion area looking to further our fitness or
martial arts education with some of the most knowledgeable
trainers in the area.  

We are currently looking for new members.  Our seven day
a week schedule is sure to have something you are looking
Whether you are interested in competing in Mixed Martial Arts, Karate or Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
tournaments or are just looking for a great workout, we can help.  We offer a variety of
martial arts and fitness classes.  Regardless of your age or skill level we are sure to have
something for you!

Remember, everybody's first class is FREE!
Clarion MMA
15726 Rte. 322
Clarion, PA

(814) 221-0806
Not every athlete is a fighter, but every fighter should be an athlete.  Cross-training can
be one of the most important aspects of mixed martial arts.  

This year a group of ran in the first ever Bobcat 5k in Clarion.  Special congrats to both
Rachel White and Mike LeFay for each earning bronze in their divisions.
Cross-training refers to an athlete
training in sports other than the one
that athlete competes in with a goal
of improving overall performance.  
For example, a number of us at
Clarion MMA train for and compete in
running races.  We are not running
with the goal of being great runners,
but instead we are using the running
to help us do better on the mat.  
Schedule change?  Check
the facebook group page for
up to the minute info.
Former UFC Lightweight Champ
Frankie Edgar with Leo at Clarion MMA
Grappling legend Jean Jacques
Machado teaching at Clarion MMA
Hillary and Leo at a seminar with
grappler Eddie Bravo
At Clarion MMA we are constantly working to
bring the best instruction in the world to our
students.  In 2014 we brought Frankie Edgar,
Jean Jacques Machado, and Jay Zeballos to

Frankie Edgar is the former UFC lightweight
Champion, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt NCAA
Division I Wrestling All-American.

Jean Jacques Machado is Red/Black Belt in
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and was the 2011 Black Belt
Magazine Hall of Fame Instructor of the Year.

Jay Zeballos is a second-degree Black Belt in
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and multiple time national
and world champion.
Jay Zeballos with our kidjitsu class
after a youth seminar.
In order to bring the best and most proven
techniques to every class our instructors are
constantly improving themselves.  In just this
past year they have sought instruction in
Pittsburgh, New York, Colorado, and even
Brazil.  As they pass this knowledge on it
ensures that you are receiving world-class
instruction right here in Clarion!
Leo and Hillary in Rio with jiu jitsu
pioneer Ricardo De La Riva.
Hillary training with members of the
Checkmat team
After training at Gordo's Jiu Jitsu
Academy in Brazil.
With jiu jitsu master,
Paulo Mauricio Strauch.